Introduction to Novaware System-Wide Features
General Ledger Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable Payroll
Bank Reconciliation Inventory Control
Job Costing Order Entry
Service Scheduling Service Contracts
Time Clock Purchase Orders
Sales Analysis Delivery System
System Maintenance Novadex


Charting a course through the vast world of computer technology is a dilemma faced by the senior management of every company today. Whether you're a CEO or Controller, you need to know what kind of computer accounting system will best serve the needs of your company. At Ware Unlimited, we offer you a solid foundation with the Novaware Accounting Software.

Novaware is the most innovative and flexible accounting software system on the market today. It's modular design can accommodate businesses of any size. Novaware has been designed with hundreds of practical features to save your business time and money by increasing productivity. You select only the modules that fit the focus of your company.

Once you have invested in the system, you will not be left on your own to tackle the complexities of implementing a computerized accounting system. Novaware includes free maintenance and support for one year. Maintenance and support contracts are available for the following years.

Take a minute to review the powerful features found throughout the system, then browse through the feature in each module to discover what problems Novaware can solve for you and your business. It will change your image of what an accounting system can really do.

System-Wide Features

      Cut, Copy, and Paste: You can move text between fields or records, copy text, and copy an entire record or field.

      Undo: You can undo changes made to a field or record

      Phone Number Conversion: When you receive a phone number in letter form, simply type in those letters. The system automatically converts each letter to the correct number, making it easier for you to dial.

      Add From Last: This feature makes data entry more convenient as you add many similar records, such as multiple sizes of the same product, or several branches of the same company. A single keystroke will add a record identical to the one you were just editing. This saves entry time since you then only need to edit a small piece of the data, instead of re-entering the whole record.

General Ledger

The heart of the accounting system that allows you to track your financial accounts.
Chart of accounts
Unlimited number of accounts
Detailed history of every transaction for each account
Unlimited prior years of information
Posted and unposted balance information
Unlimited notes per account
Up to 13 yearly accounting periods
Trial Balance in summary or detail
Transaction cross reference report
Flexible budgeting procedures
Monthly budget report
Budget planning report
Budget planning worksheet
Budget suggestion amounts calculated from user defined parameters
User defined financial statements
Interfaces to Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, Payroll, and Bank Reconciliation

Accounts Payable

An efficient system to track your vendor base and know what you owe.
Unlimited vendors
Unlimited contacts per vendor
Unlimited notes per vendor
Detailed history of all transactions plus totals for each year and period
Cash flow Analysis
Cash requirements forecast
Automatic and manual selection of invoices for payment
Flexible payment terms
Vendor Reports
Accounts payable aging with user defined categories
1099 forms
Rotary file cards
Mailing labels
File folder labels
Interfaces to Purchase Orders, Job Costing, General Ledger, and Bank Reconciliation

Accounts Receivable

An efficient system to manage your customer base and know what you are owed.
Unlimited customer records
Detailed history of all transactions plus totals for each year and period
Unlimited contacts per customer
Unlimited shipping locations per customer
Unlimited notes per customer
Flexible finance charges for each item
Flexible payment terms
Easy debit and credit memos
Quick handling of cash receipts
Customer reports
Accounts Receivable aging with user defined categories
Credit rating
Rotary file cards
Mailing labels
File folder labels
Export features
Interfaces with General Ledger, Job Costing, Order Entry, Service Scheduling, and Service Contracts


An efficient system to track your employees and easily calculate taxes.
Unlimited employees
Unlimited pay rates per employee
Unlimited deductions per employee
Unlimited additional earnings per employee
Unlimited notes per employee
Detailed history of all transactions
Automatic and manual calculation of payroll
Federal and State tax tables
Supports multiple city and state taxes
Tracks and calculates employee benefits
Vacation calculation and tracking
Sick time calculation and tracking
Unlimited payment frequencies
Detailed check stub
Payroll tracking reports
History reports
Earning reports
Deduction reports
Quarterly payroll report
Interfaces with Job Costing, General Ledger, Time Clock, and Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation

The module that eases the hassle of balancing your bank statement each month.
Unlimited Bank Accounts
Detailed history of all transactions plus totals for each year and period
Unlimited statement history
Quick access to your "working" balance
Estimate which transactions haven't cleared
Quickly toggle each one to find your working balance
Transactions tracked directly from Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Payroll
Bank charges and interest automatically posted to General Ledger
Interfaces with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and General Ledger

Inventory Control

The module that brings the management of inventory under control.
Unlimited Inventory Items
Unlimited transaction history per item
Unlimited notes per item
Five base prices per item
Unlimited pricing possibilities through user defined price codes, customer types, and quantity discounts.
Physical inventory count without interrupting daily accounting activity.
User defined commissions calculations
New price calculation
Warehouse management
Unlimited departments
Valuable management reports
Stock Status
Valuations and price lists
Job worksheets
Bin and price labels
Interfaces with General Ledger, Order Entry, Purchase Orders, Job Costing, and Sales Analysis

Job Costing

The module that makes it possible to track costs for a job or a category of jobs.
Unlimited jobs and categories
Unlimited transaction history per job or category
Unlimited notes for jobs and categories
Multiple areas of cost
Supports use of retainage
Activity-based cost accounting
Flexible overhead calculation using Job and General overhead
Valuable reports
Billing report
Transaction summary
Material price report
Super Search, Data Zoom, and Dynamic Add *
Interfaces with Inventory Control, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Order Entry.

Order Entry

The module that allows you to quickly and efficiently enter your customers' orders.
Unlimited Customer Orders
Single and repetitive billing
Grouping of individual items into packages
Multiple reports available for each order
Shipping orders
Picking tickets
Delivery receipts
Shipping Labels
Back order reports
Customer order report
Multiple back order options
Flexible payment terms
Flexible commission calculation
Supports use of retainage
Sale prices and discounts on individual items
Interfaces with Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, Job Costing, Sales Analysis, and Service Scheduling

Service Scheduling

The module that allows you to schedule, follow up, and track the progress of service calls.
Unlimited service calls and responses
Flexible service form layout
Call histories for each customer
Labor and materials information flows to Order Entry to begin billing
Tracks material usage
Valuable scheduling reports
Work orders
Service forms
Employee service schedules
Billing report
Service labor report
Interfaces with Order Entry, Accounts Recievable, and Time Clock

Service Contracts

The lifeblood of service-oriented businesses, this module provides the tracking and renewal of service contracts.
Service contracts with user defined information storage
Unlimited warranty types
Unlimited service items
Customized service items and warranty types
Data flows into Service Scheduling to schedule maintenance calls
Service contract reports
Service contract expiration report
Regular maintenance report
Data flows into Job Costing and Accounts Receivable for billing information
Interfaces with Service Scheduling, Order Entry, Job Costing, and Accounts Receivable

Time Clock

A productivity tool to track and manage your employee's hours.
Employee scheduling
Automatic overtime calculation
Sounds alarm at scheduled times
Prints tardy report
Prints absentee and tardy report
Tracks up to five current jobs per employee
Interfaces to Job Costing, Payroll, and Service Scheduling

Purchase Orders

The module that helps you make purchases efficiently and on time.
Unlimited purchase orders
Purchase orders for inventory or non-inventory supplies
Blanket purchase orders
Delivery and bill tracking
Purchase history
Unlimited delivery locations
Unlimited shipping methods
Interfaces with Inventory Control, Accounts Payable, Purchase Analysis, and Job Costing

Sales Analysis

A productivity tool to pick out strengths and weaknesses in your sales data.
Stores every sale in detail
Valuable management reports
Regional sales
Specific customer sales
Sales rep sales
Sales of specific item
Departmental sales
Various sort and filter criteria
Summary or detail format
Interfaces with Order Entry

Delivery System

The module that improves delivery efficiencies for fuel companies.
Unlimited delivery locations
Detailed history of all deliveries plus totals for each year and period
Unlimited notes per location
Unlimited delivery routes
Unlimited tax codes
Degree day files from one to twenty-four data points
User definable base temperatures and hot water factors
User definable fill locations
User definable truck tickets to meet changing regulations
Truck ticket printing by route or location
Valuable management reports
Route analysis
Degree day analysis
Interfaces with Inventory Control, Accounts Receivable, Sales Analysis, and Order Entry

System Maintenance

The prerequisite module that gives you control over how the system operates.
Customized setup for each user
Password protection
Access levels
Customized screen colors
Pre-defined color sets available
Nine screen saver choices
Default printers for each report type
Insert or overtype mode default for each field type
Unlimited printer types and locations
Ability to print to disk files
System activity log by user
Custom menus and screen backgrounds


A simple yet powerful tool to help your business stay in touch.
Unlimited number of...
Company records
Notes per company
Contacts per company
Notes per contact
Children per contact
Flexible reports
Phone book for organizations and contacts
Reminders of current or overdue notes
Birthday and anniversary list
Rotary file cards
Mailing labels
Full export and import features
Full screen record editing

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